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January 2024

JohnRey Hassan is an attorney, registered nurse and paramedic with a diverse background in leadership and operations. Presently, JohnRey serves as chief administrative officer and in-house counsel for Royal Ambulance, Inc. and as a strategic advisor and counsel to Onward Health Inc, a health-tech company. JohnRey’s career has spanned from emergency departments, helicopters and ambulances as an EMT, paramedic and Flight RN, to National Parks as a U.S. law enforcement park ranger/paramedic and to legal settings as a lawyer. Prior to practicing law, JohnRey led major 911 and IFT ambulance operations, mobile integrated health teams, and rotor air medical operations across a large-distributed geography. 

He is a certified flight, critical care, and emergency nurse and a fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine. JohnRey is admitted to practice in California state and Northern and Eastern District California Federal Courts.

“They’re alleging professional negligence on the basis that you knocked out her teeth,” the attorney on the other end of the phone told me. Fresh in my first semester of law school, and ironically, learning about negligence in torts class, I’d stepped out into the ambulance bay from my shift as an ER nurse to talk to the lawyer on the other end of the phone. It had been two years since the incident.

Practical Strategies for Keeping You Legally Safe: Part I, Documentation

ESO Solutions, a provider of software solutions for hospitals, health systems, EMS agencies, and fire departments, has confirmed that it fell victim to a ransomware attack in September 2023 that resulted in file encryption. ESO Solutions identified suspicious activity within its network on September 28, 2023, and took immediate action to isolate its systems and prevent further unauthorized access to its network.

Third-party digital forensics experts were engaged to investigate the attack and determine the extent of the unauthorized activity. The forensics team confirmed on October 23, 2023, that the attackers had access to parts of its network containing the personal and protected health information of 2.7 million individuals. The information compromised in the incident included names, dates of birth, injury type, injury date, treatment date, treatment type, and, in some cases, Social Security numbers. The attack was reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and ESO Systems has worked cooperatively with the FBI during its investigation. A ransom demand was issued by the attackers; however, ESO Systems was able to recover the encrypted files from backups.

ESO Solutions Data Breach: 2.7 Million Individuals Affected

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