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July 2024

In the world of emergency medical services, paramedics often find themselves at the front line of diverse and critical situations. Among these, obstetric and neonatal emergencies pose unique challenges that require specialized knowledge and skills. As the landscape of pre-hospital care continues to evolve, so must the knowledge and competency of those who deliver it.


To ensure that paramedics are equipped with the best possible training and resources, we are conducting a comprehensive survey to understand current knowledge levels and identify gaps in skills related to obstetrical emergencies. Your participation in this research is crucial and can significantly contribute to informing the focus of education for paramedics, ensuring the delivery of high-quality care to mothers and infants in critical situations.

Enhancing Paramedic Preparedness: The Importance of Knowledge and Skills in Obstetrical Emergencies

Tim Sampey, a retired Chicago firefighter/EMT, had moved through a number of ranks in the department, including deputy fire commissioner of operations. His career encompassed serving in various roles during civil unrest in Chicago and the COVID-19 pandemic.


As a second-generation firefighter with other family members in the profession, Sampey was cognizant of its positive impact and its challenges.


“When I saw my first dead body, I lost my lunch,” he says. “I was bothered by it. And now I'm in a business where I’m going to see this all the time. At first, it was hard. There was no one to talk to.”


Throughout his career, Sampey responded to calls of drug overdoses and murders in Chicago’s neighborhoods, which became the norm on calls.

An Equine-Assisted Therapy Program for EMS Providers Builds Resilience, Communication, and Emotional Intelligence

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