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The Louisiana Ambulance Alliance is committed to evidence-based decisions in the practice of Emergency Medical Services medicine.  We support clinical standards of care developed, established, and promulgated by EMS physician medical directors based upon peer-reviewed, published, evidence-based treatments and outcomes.

Clinically-related research initiatives involving EMS systems and providers are encouraged and supported with careful adherence to the ethical and legal principles of human subjects protection.

Louisiana EMS Certification Commission

The EMS Certification Commission (EMSCC) has the responsibility to establish and publish standards of out-of-hospital practice; to regulate the scope of practice of Emergency Medical Services professionals, to discipline and regulate the practice of Emergency Medical Services professionals and to establish standards for educational programs preparing individuals for out of hospital practice. For more information about the EMSCC, visit the Division of Administration Boards and Commissions page.

The EMS Certification Commission approves and updates the Louisiana Scope of Practice.  The current Scope of Practice can be found here (I attached the scope of practice matrix to the email). The Scope of Practice Matrix defines the maximum scope (procedures) a duly licensed EMS Practitioner may perform, while operating under an approved medical protocol, or on the order of a physician.

Louisiana Dept. of Health – Ambulance Standards

The Louisiana Department of Health, Office of Public Health, Bureau of EMS has the responsibility of licensing EMS providers, practitioners, and vehicles functioning in the State of Louisiana that are subject to licensing statutes. Emergency Medical Services providers (ambulance services) are licensed by the Louisiana Department of Health, Office of Public Health, Bureau of EMS.  This includes both ground and air ambulance services. In addition, all emergency medical vehicles (ambulances, air ambulances, emergency medical response and sprint vehicles) are required to be licensed by LDH.

The Alliance works closely with the Bureau of EMS to address issues within the Health Standards purview that impact Alliance members.  

All information pertaining to licensure applications or renewals, inspections, checklists, and necessary forms can be found below.

Louisiana EMS Task Force

The Emergency Medical Services Task Force is composed of individuals subject to the approval of the secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health, which advises and makes recommendations to the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and the Department on matters related to emergency medical services.

Practice / Professional

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