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The Alliance is prepared to take action in response to unexpected and dangerous occurrences in an attempt to mitigate its impact on people or the environment. The Alliance has responded to emergency situations ranging from natural disasters to hazardous materials problems and transportation incidents. 

Surge Response

The Alliance is currently under contract with the State of Louisiana to provide Emergency Response Units and Staff in response to natural and man-made disasters.  All Louisiana providers are eligible to participate in response under this contract.  For more information, please contact the Alliance office. 

Surge ambulances provide additional coverage in emergency response to natural and man-made disasters. The Bureau of EMS works closely with the Louisiana Emergency Response Network (LERN), the Louisiana Ambulance Alliance (LAA), and other state stakeholders to coordinate this response.

LRAA Surge Response Documents

Surge Response Videos

You can now watch our LRAA Surge Videos on Youtube to prepare for the 2021 Hurricane Season. All crews must watch all 8 videos and pass the Surge Response Quiz prior to deployment. 

Videos do not need to be watched in any particular order. You can find the Surge videos here:


Surge Response Quiz here:

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