December 14, 2018

National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference 2018

Recently, our staff attended the National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference (NHCPC), held in New Orleans, Louisiana, which featured seminars on a wide variety of special interest topics about emergency preparedness. The conference connected the duties of EMS professionals, doctors and nurses, healthcare administrators and more to one common theme--emergency preparedness. 

L to R: Seth Breaux, Andrea Simoneaux, Goldie Richard, Verinique Bailey, and Curry Landry

Our staff reflected on their experiences at #NHCPC2018: 

“The conference was AWESOME!!! My favorite moment was hearing Amy Herman speak about ‘The Art of Perception’, which helped me focus on challenging assumptions, fostering creative problem solving and encouraging decision making.” -Goldie Richard, Administrative Assistant 

Verinique, Goldie and Seth posed near a portable shower designed for emergencies! 

“I loved the opportunity to connect what we do on the larger scale of healthcare as a whole. It was amazing to learn how all faucets of healthcare collaborate, especially during emergencies.” -Verinique Bailey, Communications and Marketing Specialist

“In the sessions, I learned about how there are many moving parts to emergency preparedness and response and it was really an eye-opening experience. My favorite topics ranged from how the healthcare supply chain and medical supply distributors are effected during emergencies and how medical examiners prepare for and operate during mass fatality events.” -Curry Landry, Policy Director

Seth Breaux and Amy Hermen following her session on "The Art of Perception"! 

“The number of attendees was so large that there was only standing room in many of the sessions! People from all over the country came to NHCPC and it was a great opportunity to network with people from different areas in the healthcare industry.” -Seth Breaux, Asset Manager

Dr. Caine and Andrea Simoneaux after exchanging ideas about combating our country's opioid epidemic. 

“Opioids and rural health are two main concerns that I have been asked to survey next year, so I was honored to speak with Dr. Caine on the opioid epidemic and get some key statistical information that will be used in planning and strategizing for the advancement of End the Epidemic Louisiana.” -Andrea Simoneaux, Consortium Director -End the Epidemic Louisiana

We look forward to returning to NHCPC next year and continuing to connect the emergency preparedness in the EMS industry to that in healthcare as a whole. 


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